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Receive questions from your followers!

On average, a user will receive about 4 or 5 questions on their first day.
1. Let's share your URL when there are many people online!
SNS is most commonly used at 21-22 o'clock! If you post an answer or question at this time, you may receive more questions!
2. Don't share all your answers at once!
When you share your answer on your SNS, your follower can also use the link to send you more questions. Share your answer at different times!
3. Actively communicate with your followers!
The more you actively communicate with your followers, the more the followers will become interested in you, and thus, they might send you questions more frequently.

A reliable word filter

You can automatically filter and block questions which contains slander or hurtful content. (Over 10,000 questions are blocked daily!)

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